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Manilla residents 'fed up' with water carters

A snapshot of the riverbed. Picture: Graham Cederblad

Manilla residents have taken matters into their hands and protested against water carters are by parking their cars in front of the station to block access.

Resident Lyn Wright shared her concerns, adding that it was frustrating to see trucks carting away water when it was such a precious commodity.

Ms Wright said other residents had spoken to the drivers and had been informed the water was to be used for "non-essential" purposes such as filling up pools.

"I thought 'enough is enough'," she said.

"The support has been fantastic, and it shows we stick together.

"We are on timed showers, our gardens are dead, and everyone is abiding what they have asked to do, and that is why I am upset because to me a personal swimming pool is not a necessity."


Ms Wright said she hopes the council will change the regulations so people can only fill up at the station if they need it for essential items.

She added that it was not about an "us versus them" mentality, but a stance to show the council that it needs to take action.

Ms Wright acknowledged the town is on level three restrictions, but with the riverbed drying up the precious resource needs to be protected.

In a statement to media, the council said it is continually reviewing the use of all bulk water filling stations including the station located in Manilla.

A councillor workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, where options for the ongoing operation and use of bulk water filling stations will be one of the topics presented and discussed.

"We will be in a position to provide an update after this workshop," a council spokesperson said.


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