The History of 2TM
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On the 27th of Feburary 1935,
Radio 2TM went live in Tamworth
on 1287 on the AM band.

2TM Is the first and oldest Radio station in the NSW rural town of Tamworth, Australia. It is also the only Commercial Radio station in Tamworth in the AM band. 

The station is part of the Super Radio Network, along with sister station 92.9FM.

2TM General Managers
  • Ernest Higginbotham (1935-1937)

  • Leah Higginbotham

  • Harold Dyball (1938)

  • Max Ellis (1971)

  • Andrew Morrison

  • Donald (Don) Thomas (1984)

  • Edward (Ted) Wilkinson (1988)

  • William (Bill) Morrison (2001)

  • Gavin Flanagan (2001- 2005 &
    2018 - 2019)

  • Nikki Kenwrick (2019 - present)

2TM Historical Announcers of Merit
  • Nick Erby

  • Max Ellis

  • Graham Archer

  • Grant Goldman

  • Don Chadwick (1941)

  • Brian Howard (1988 - 2009)

  • Ken Moginie (1937)

  • Tom Jones (1942)

  • John Whitmore (1938)

  • Kevin Knapp

  • Wayne Kramer

  • Rick Dunlop

  • Mall McCall (1981 - 2013)

  • Gary Coxhead

  • Bill Gleeson

  • George Arklay

  • Edith Marshall

  • Gavin Flanagan (2005 - 2006)

  • Peter Huxley (2019-2020)

  • Sally-Anne Whitten (2018 - 2022)

2TM Tamworth Country Music Festival 50 Years


  • 1932: Permission was sought to erect a radio broadcasting transmitter in Tamworth.  The proposal was presented by two men who had been involved in the formation of another NSW radio station, 2WG in Wollongong.  They were Tom Whitcombe and Ernest Higginbotham.  The Post-Master general, Mr James Malone approved the submission and not long after, the two men purchased land fronting the Manilla Road.

  • 1934: Application to establish a radio station in Tamworth was granted to Ernest Higginbotham and Tom Whitcombe in August 1934.  The pair were given a class ‘B’ licence and the call sign of 2WO who would broadcast at 50 watts.  Tom Whitcombe borrowed money from the Commonwealth bank to build a house that would become their broadcasting studio on the Manilla Road. This house was later given the address of 64 Peel Street.  By December 1934, the call sign was changed to 2TM. a transmitter was erected nearby at 80 Brisbane Street.  People were able to purchase radio sets from the station that were sold on a pay as you can basis that were supplied by Australian General Electric.


  • 1935: 2TM Tamworth officially opened February 27th 1935, 5 months after receiving its broadcasting licence.  It started transmission on 1300 kilocycles.  Tom Whitcombe performed the official opening at the Royal Hotel in Peel Street where guests were able to hear the first transmission.  There were three daily schedules, 7-9am, 12-2pm and 5-10pm.

  • 1936: Permission granted to increase transmitting power to 1000 watts.  This was an expensive exercise, so the directors invited applications for 20,000 shares at one pound each from the community.

  • 1937: By February 1937, 2TM had built a new transmitter at Duri. The 2TM studios had moved in the upstairs section of 312 Peel Street Tamworth.  It was one of the few country stations to broadcast a long schedule, which was 7am – 10pm daily.

  • 1937: 13th August 1937, announcer Ken Moginie receives a letter from a listener in New Zealand complimenting him on his program.

  • 1938: 23rd December 1938 edition of the Wireless Weekly, they speak of 'The Red Terror' which was a series of programmes on 2TM to educate listeners on the prevention of Bushfires. Further, it speaks about an appeal made by announcer Mrs Penny for the Tamworth community to donate to the 2TM Chinese Refugee Fund. The response was huge and the station was inundated with Parc els of clothes, shoes and boots which were eventually handed over to the district committee for distribution.

  • 1939: The Wireless Weekly dated 6th January 1939 reports on a Hurricane came through the village of Duri and along with the 104 points of torrential rain, took down part of the 2TM transmitter mast, 30 feet from the top. Engineers were able to erect a temporary mast to enable programming to continue until repairs could be made , enabling 2TM programming to continue.

  • 1939: The Wireless Weekly published an article, 10th February 1939 about 2TM and their new program 'Music of the Ballet' which will feature each Tuesday at 8pm.  

    The same edition writes about the 2TM Dramatic half-hour“Qoronets of England,” program. A half-hour drama heard over 2TM every Wednesday night at 8.15pm, that drew a large following of listeners, who requested it be featured every night instead of once per week.


  • 1939: The Wireless Weekly dated 15th March 1939 reports on the re-commencing of the popular 2TM program 'Tamworth Speaks'. The program, hosted by Bill Weir is taken to the streets of Tamworth giving listeners the opportunity to speak on air. The re-commencement of the program saw huge crowds gather in Peel Street, causing Police to be Called in to clear footpaths and Roadways to allow the traffic to continue.

    In the same issue, it tells of how 2TM became an important addition to the Ambulance service, by equipping their cars with wireless, enabling them to replay emergency calls to the Ambulance when it was away from headquarters. The same service was then adapted by the Tamworth Police patrol, which made it the first country centre unit to be equipped with divisional radio,


  • 1940: 23rd November 1940 saw 2TM become one of 6 NSW stations to become independent with the disbandment of the Broadcast Network. This enabled the station to create their own programming for the first time and build it up around its listeners requests.

  • 1940 – 1941: Broadcast Amalgamated was formed between stations 2MO in Gunnedah and 2TM in Tamworth.  It was commonly known as the ‘New England Network’

  • 1942: The 2TM Women’s Radio Club was formed by William Penney and his wife.  His wife at the time was known as ‘Aunty Patsy’ of the Children’s radio sessions.  The Club held concerts and catered for events to raise money for the CWA, Tamworth Base Hospital and even an aeroplane to the Government.  The Club ceased near the end of the second world war.

  • 1945: On the 3rd June 1945, 2TM Announcer Miss Edith Marshall held the first 2TM Country Music Radio broadcast with Country Music Singer, William ‘Buddy’ Bishop as her guest.  This first event went for 15 minutes.

  • 1947: 2TM Women's Radio Club re-formed, and became known as the ‘All Charities Club’. The Club ran for another four years, raising 7000 pounds during that time.

  • 1947: The 2TM Sparklers Club was formed for the children of Tamworth and District schools.  Gladys Vera Graham visited various schools in the area to record drama, music and verse which would later be broadcast on 2TM from 5.00pm onwards. The Sparklets book of Children's Poems and stories is held in the State Library on Victoria.

  • 1947: 2TM Women's Radio Club publish the 2TM Cookery Book.  The book contains listener recipes and has today become a collectors item.  A copy can be viewed at the State Library of NSW.  The station has acquired a photocopy of the original as well.

  • 1948: Radio 2TM purchased two large parcels of land which was part of the Hyman Estate.  The first was a 7.7 hectare area, either side of Hillvue Road in the ‘One Tree Hill’ area, and the other were two 6 hectare lots between Garden and Roberts streets.

  • 1948: Buddy Bishop cuts the first two Australian Country Music tracks in Tamworth at Radio 2TM. They were cut at 78 rpm on one of the old style acetate records that radio stations used in those days for special programmes and commercials. An acetate record is a round aluminium disc with a smooth covering of wax on both sides.

  • 1954: The Benevolent Society began broadcasts on 9th August 1954 on a monthly basis until around 1959.  The Society appealed for donations of money and goods to help the Apex and Lions Clubs of Tamworth.

  • 1959: 2TM moves from 312 Peel Street Tamworth to its present location, 442-450 Goonoo Goonoo Road South Tamworth. The move included the erection of a 117 metre transmission tower on the corner of the New England Highway and Whitehouse Lane, 12 kilometres south of Tamworth.

  • 1961: John Minson, later known as ‘Mr Hoedown’ began working at 2TM as an Announcer and Copy Writer.

  • 1963: The 'Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music' show launched on Saturday mornings with announcer Ken McEwan. .

  • 1965: 2TM was now broadcasting daily between 5.30am and 11.30pm and reaching listeners up to 80 kilometres from Tamworth.  Announcer John Minson was presenting a popular program representing music genres including jazz, folk and country music.  He eventually named his extremely popular program ‘The Hoedown’ and refined his playlist to solely Australian Country Music.   

    Due to its omni-directional transmission frequency (1290 kHz, and now 1287 kHz, 2TM was able to transmit in every direction, This,  coupled with the uniqueness of not sharing its frequency with any other station in Australia, 2TM was able to be heard not only in most states of Australia, but also in several countries overseas.  It was due to this amazing reach that enabled 2TM ‘Hoedown’ program to play an enormous role in what would establish Tamworth as Australia’s Country Music Capital.


  • 1966: As a way to help raise money for the Meals on Wheels charity who were looking to upgrade to their own kitchen facilities, 2TM began taking donations from listeners who were acknowledged on air.  This along with donations from other Businesses and fund -raising activities, saw the organisation open its new facility later that same year.

  • 1967: 2TM and the Modern Country Music Association (MCMA) staged a concert to raise money for Tasmanian Bushfire Relief.  Also know as the Black Tuesday Bushfires.

  • 1968: Max Ellis, George Maxwell, Kevin Knapp, Bob Lipman, Eric Scott and John Minson were all active in the promotion of Country Music on 2TM.  Between them, they decided that Tamworth should become known as ‘The Country Music Capital of Australia’ and started to promote the slogan.  This slogan became official in 1969 with the formation of the Capital Country Music Association.

  • 1969: 2TM arranged for builder, Warwick D Benet to construct a house that was to be a prize in an Art Union. The House was built at 10 Wongala Street, and became known as 'The House that 2TM built'. 

    To sell more tickets, organisers John Minson, Max Ellis and Levin Knapp organised a live Country Music show on 23rd May 1969 in the Tamworth Town Hall using “Hoedown” to promote the event. Country Music star, Mr Reg Lindsay was the headline act for the event and “The Hoedown” show was broadcast from the foyer of the Town Hall.


  • 1969: The National Country Music Jamboree that was originally started by the MCMA was taken over by 2TM.

  • 1970: Broadcasting times had extended and 2TM were now live between 5.00am until 1.00pm.

    To celebrate Australia's Bi-centenary, a Country Music concert was arranged by 2TM, starring names such as Slim Dusty & Joy McKean, Barry Thornton "Smiling" Billy Blinkhorn, Smoky Dawson, Shirley Thoms and Buddy Bishop to name just a few.

  • 1971: To celebrate 2TM’s 36th anniversary, a Country Music concert was held on 27th February 1971.  Johnny Ashcroft, who starred in the concert, was presented with three Golden long-playing records as a souvenir.  This Golden record idea led to the eventual creation of the Golden Guitar Country Music Awards.

  • 1973: A new live radio show went to air called 'Big T Jubilee' presented by Eric Scott from Hadley Studios.The show ran for 13 months and featured live performances of Country Music artists.  Slim Newton performed 'Redback on the Toilet Seat' on the first show.

  • 1973: 28th January 1973, a judging panel of eleven people, each who represented different aspects of Country Music, introduced and chose a number of Country Music awards for professional and amateur artists in Australian and New Zealand who had released records during the previous year.

    These awards were presented the next evening after a talent quest and jamboree.  The trophies were cast from bronze, in the shape of a Golden Guitar, sculptured by local Tamworth artist, George Henry ‘Harry’ Frost.  The bases were made from Tasmanian Blackwood supplied by Beau Chatwin and the final trophy was put together by John Minson.

    The decision on a Golden Guitar was made between Max Ellis and John Minson who has both previously been presented with a plastic guitar as an award, and thought that it needed something more prestigious.

    The entire event was organised by four 2TM gentlemen.  Max Ellis, who was the Awards Chief Executive Officer.  Bob Lipman, who was Stage Manager.  Accommodation was taken care of by Del Foote and the compare for the event was Kevin Knapp.


  • 1973: An initiative between 2TM Tamworth and 2MO Gunnedah, was the first AgQuip event, held on 25th August 1973 over four days in Gunnedah.  This event enabled the agricultural industry for the first time to market and showcase their products and services in a rural region of NSW.  An event of this scale was previously only accessible from major city Royal Shows. The event grew more and more popular each year to what is still to this day a major event in the district.

  • 1973: Hoedown' became so popular, that the show was extended from 7.30pm to 11.00pn Monday to Friday.

  • 1975: 2TM published the first annual edition of its festival Newspaper 'Capital News'.It became a monthly publication In 1981 and was later sold to Rural Press in 1995.

  • 1976: The Country Music Roll of Renown was inaugurated on 25th January 1976.  The Roll of Renown was a series of boulders that were placed on the front lawn of the 2TM studios and each year different Country Music artist was given the privilege of having a bronze plaque installed on a boulder with their name and photo.  The boulders were eventually moved to the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre in 2000, where they are still currently on display. 

  • 1977: 29th January 1977, 2TM unveiled 'The Hands of Fame'.  The first people to imprint their hands were Johnny Ashcroft, Buddy Bishop, Rick & Thel Carey, Stan Coster, Rex Dallas, Smokey Dawson, Slim Dusty, Alan Hawking, Ken Kitching, Reg Lindsay, Heather McKean, Joy McKean, Tex Morton, Slim Newton, Nev Nicholls, Suzanne Prentice, Shorty Ranger, Buddy Williams and George Xanthos.

  • 1977: Cooking sensation, Margaret Fulton came to AgQuip to judge the 2TM competition ‘Search for the Super Sandwich’

  • 1978: 2TM created BAL Marketing.

  • 1978: January 27 1978 saw the first 2TM Buttercup Open House concert stage in the Tamworth Town Hall. 2TM's John Minson chatted on air with country music celebrities and fans in the Town Hall, while 2TM's Bob Lipman kept things moving on stage.

  • 1978: Tamworth Songwriters Association formed by 2TM.  By 1980, the Association was able to run independently and branched away from 2TM.

  • 1979: The inaugural ‘Star Maker’ quest was held, an initiative of Radio 2TM.  The quest enabled up and coming Australian Country Music artists the opportunity to perform in a talent quest that would provide the winner with 12 months promotion to the Country Music industry.  This included the opportunity to perform at major Country Music events and the professional production of their own 2-track CD.

  • 1980: January 1980 saw the first of the TCMF Golden Guitar Awards held in the 2TM Big Top.  The tent would seat 4000 guests and was set up in Bicentennial Park.

  • 1982: 11th October 1982, 2TM would air the first satellite broadcast of the CMA awards from Nashville to Tamworth.

  • 1982: To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the TCMF Golden Guitar awards, 2TM released a double vinyl album called 'The Winners' on the RCA record label.

  • 1982: Erected by 2TM, The Hawking Brothers Memorial opened on 30th January 1982 in the garden of The Settlers (now Country Capital) Motel on Goonoo Goonoo Road. It was dedicated by the Hawking Brothers Fan Club to commemorate the achievements of Alan and Russell Hawking from the band's formation in 1950

  • 1987: John Minson 'Mr Hoedown' retires from Radio 2TM. He and his wife Anne move to Coffs Harbour in 2001 where he took up the hobby of model planes.  Nick Erby replaced him on 'The Hoedown'

  • 1989: Nick Erby started a singles chart in Capital News and broadcast a count down broadcast 2TM called 'Country Tracks'.

  • 1991: Kevin Knapp retires from 2TM

  • 1991: November. 2TM announces the Awards concert and presentation of individual categories will take place at different venues. This was met with outrage from the country music industry.

  • 1992: June 1992. After lengthy negotiations, 2TM generously hands over the Awards to the new Country Music Association of Australia (CMAA) industry organisation.

  • 1993: 2TM sold to the Super Radio Network

  • 1993: Completion of the newly constructed 2TM studios, shared with sister station 92.9FM.  The sister station began broadcasting on 1st May, 1993 with a completely different target audience and music format.

  • 2000: 30th January 2000, 2TM Station Manager, William Andrew Morrison made the unpopular decision to cancel the very popular ‘Hoedown’ show which by now had been running from 6pm – 6am every night, to instead take a talk-back Network program from 2SM in Sydney.  Presenters Nick Erby, Brian Howard, and Garry Coxhead were told on this same day that they would no longer be needed at the station.

  • 2000: September 2000.  Roll of Renown re-located from the front yard of 2TM to TRECC.

  • 2004: 2TM re-commences overnight Country Music programming along with several other Super Radio network stations.  Previously kinown as 'The Hoedown', the new show is called CMR (Country Music Radio) and is host by ex 2TM announcer, Nock Erby.

  • 2007: January 2007.  The John Laws Show is heard for the firdt time on 2TM.

  • 2008: June 2008.  Opening of state of the art studio complex featuring the latest digital technology and floor to ceiling glass studios.

  • 2010: 4th June 2010.  2TM changed its name for the day to 2JW - True Blue Radio,  to pay tribute to Country Music star, John Williamson, and the anniversary of his 40 years in the music business.  The station's playlist for the day showcased John's songs, along with a mixture of other Australian classic songs.

  • 2011: Jan 2011.  2TM teams up with Jayco and Tourism Tamworth for 10 day, 120 hour outside broadcast from the steps of Ray Walsh House for the Country Music Festival.

  • 2013: 2TM’s longest serving breakfast announcer Mal McCall retires after 32 years of service with the station.

  • 2018: Station Manager, Gavin Flanagan and Content Director, Jarrad Brooke return to 2TM after 7 years and re-instate Australian Country Music content into station programming including a one hour show every Saturday morning called 'A Country Mile'.

  • 2018: 2TM presents the 'Buy a Bale HAY MATE' concert in Tamworth to raise money for drought stricken farmers.  Guest performers included John Farnham, Daryl Braithwaite, Guy Sebastian, The Veronicas, Andrew Farriss (INXS) and Adam Harvey.  The event was televised by Channel 9 and raised over 2 million dollars.

  • 2019: 2TM cover the TCMF with live programming every day of the Festival with extended hours until 10pm. The station began it's celebration of the event by way of a live broadcast on the front grounds of the station, on top of a Kennards Hire scissor lift.

  • 2019: February 2019, 2TM launches the first 'Our Country' podcast with special guest, Troy Cassar-Daly.  Designed as an instructive and educational podcast for anyone associated with the country music industry, providing advice and real life experiences from some of our greatest artists, managers, promoters, venue operators, touring and session musicians, among others.

  • 2019: Re-introduction of the weekly 2TM Australian Country Music Chart.

  • 2019: 17th April 2019, the first 2TM News Podcast went live.  Each week, honorary announcer Tim Coates discusses all the big news stories from the last week with the 2TM News Journalist and special guests.

  • 2019: 29th November 2019, 2TM presents 'Country 4 Our Country' Salvation Army Bushfire appeal in Tamworth.  The event held at Wests, saw Country Music artists come together from all parts of Australia, donating their time to raise money.

  • 2020: Even greater coverage of the TCMF with extended live broadcasting hours, and for the first time, live coverage on 2TM of the Golden Guitar Awards.  Broadcasting live on-air as well as up-to-the minute results and photos via blog on the 2TM Facebook page and website as it happened.

  • 2020: 22nd January 2020.  2TM proudly present, The Concert for Joy.  2TM announcers Pete Huxley and Sally-Anne Whitten emcee the sell-out concert to celebrate Country Music legend, Joy McKean and her 90th Birthday.  

    Some of music's biggest names took to the stage to perform some of Slim Dusty's iconic songs, including Lights on the Hill, Biggest Disappointment, Ringer from the Top End, and Walk a Country Mile.


  • 2020: Feb 2020.  In celebration of 2TM’s 85th Anniversary, Nikki Kenwrick re-creates the 1947 Cookbook concept, in a modern format.  Due to Covid-19 restricting the fund-raising abilities of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, 2TM donates all proceeds to the essential service, raising over $8000.  The Cookbook contains recipes from well-known Tamworth identities, celebrities and listeners.  Each contributor has a connection to the town.  Some names of note include Dolly Parton, Johns Laws, Kylie Gillies and many country music stars.

  • 2022: Apr 2022.  To commemorate 2TM's involvement with the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the station unveils a history wall in the courtyard which highlights the stations major milestones.  Along with the history wall, a monumental replica of a Golden Guitar award is erected as well in the courtyard.  The Golden Guitar award was fully hand-crafted by Troy Kenwrick and donated to the station.

The 2TM Historic Photo Gallery
New Tamworth Station 2WO

New Tamworth Station 2WO

Article that appeared in Broadcast Business 30/11/34 that speaks on a new radio station for Tamworth that will be broadcasting under the call sign of 2WO

Call sign changes to 2TM

Call sign changes to 2TM

Alteration to the 2WO callsign notification as it appeared in Broadcasting Business 28th December 1934

2TM 's first Broadcasting studio built 1934

2TM 's first Broadcasting studio built 1934

64 Peel Street Tamworth

1936: 2TM Sales and Service Car in

1936: 2TM Sales and Service Car in

This car was used as a sales tool to sell radio sets in Tamworth and was fitted out with the technology to broadcast back to the station.

Aunty Patsy and Uncle Bud postcard - 1936

Aunty Patsy and Uncle Bud postcard - 1936

Announcers in the popular children's show 'The Possum Club'

2TM Transmitter at Duri 1937

2TM Transmitter at Duri 1937

New 2TM 2000 watt transmitter

New 2TM 2000 watt transmitter

Officially opened 2 years to the day on the stations 2 year anniversary.

2TM Breaks all records with Arnotts in 1937

2TM Breaks all records with Arnotts in 1937

2TM breaks all records in the history of Arnott advertising on keyed results.

Early 2TM studios

Early 2TM studios

The early 2TM studios with the announcer unknown but the man in the distance facing the camera is former technician Cyril 'Spec' Hunt.

Control Panel

Control Panel

2TM Control Panel in Studio in Peel Street Tamworth.

Bob Lipman

Bob Lipman

Former announcer Bob Lipman interviews unknown family. He was an announcer with 2TM for approximately 15+ years.

1937: Dick Pile

1937: Dick Pile

Dick Pile, popular announcer and outside man of 2TM.

2TM Weather Unit

2TM Weather Unit

2TM New Weather Unit was installed November 1962. This is announcer Dal Myles reading the temperature.

2TM in the field

2TM in the field

Featured in a newspaper article on 'radio pioneers'.

2TM's 35th Birthday- 1970

2TM's 35th Birthday- 1970

2TM in 1959

2TM in 1959

The 1959 2TM building later added onto in the late 1970s with further renovations in the 80s and 90s.

2TM in the 1960's

2TM in the 1960's

George Brown being interviewed by Geoff Brown outside the Mobile Broadcasting Studio in the 1960's. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Brown.

2TM Announcer Murray Finlay 1960

2TM Announcer Murray Finlay 1960

Interviewing Horrie Dargue at Tamworth airport in 1960

Kevin Knapp & Ken Thompson - 1967

Kevin Knapp & Ken Thompson - 1967

Kevin Knapp (2TM) & Ken Thompson (Group 4) Player of the Year1967

The house that 2TM built in 1969

The house that 2TM built in 1969

2TM's John Minson in the 1970's

2TM's John Minson in the 1970's

'Mr Hoedown himself' from the 2TM's world famous Hoedown Show.

John Minson and Max Ellis 1976

John Minson and Max Ellis 1976

Setting up the original Roll of Renown which sat in the front of the 2TM building with Country Music Singer Dusty Spittle from NZ.

BAL Accounting Office 1985

BAL Accounting Office 1985

Diane Crowe and Vern Hawkins

Norm Bodkin at the 2TM Studio (circa 1970)

Norm Bodkin at the 2TM Studio (circa 1970)

Norm Bodkin, 2TM host of 'Steelin Time' a weekly sub-show that was part of the world famous 2TM 'Hoedown' show.

50th Anniversary - 1985

50th Anniversary - 1985

Station Manager Don Thomas with the 2TM team from 1985. Part of the team included Graham Archer and Kylie Gillies. Photo courtesy of Max Ellis

2TM's 50th Anniversary Race Meeting 1985

2TM's 50th Anniversary Race Meeting 1985

Vern hawkins, Gwen Hawkins, Ted Wilkinson, Margaret Wilkinson, Colleen Thomas, Son Thomas, Rhonda Smith and Peter Smith at Tamworth Racecourse.

2TM float in the TCMF in 1980's

2TM float in the TCMF in 1980's

Photo credit | Rich Torrens

Kylie Gillies 1985

Kylie Gillies 1985

Kylie Gillies in 1985 working at radio 2TM with morning announcer Garth Russel.

John Laws at 2TM 1996

John Laws at 2TM 1996

Interviewing Slim Dusty and Felicity Urquhart 2TM Studios

40th TCMF Celebrations 2012

40th TCMF Celebrations 2012

Celebrating 2TM’s involvement of the TCMF's 40th anniversary in 2012, at the Tamworth Town Hall (where the first Awards were staged in 1973) L-R: Warwick Higginbotham - 2TM’s Manager in 1973, Gavin Flanagan, former 2TM Manager and then Council Executive in 2012, John Minson,”Mr Hoedown” on 2TM, Max Ellis Manager of 2TM in 1973, Joy McKean, and the first Golden Guitar winner in 1973, Eric Scott and the late Kevin Knapp, longtime broadcaster and executive at 2TM. Photo courtesy of Max Ellis

General Managers celebrating 85th birthday

General Managers celebrating 85th birthday

Max Ellis, 2TM General Manager from 1971 and Nikki Kenwrick, current General Manager celebrating the 85th Birthday in 2020

85th Birthday Celebrations - 2020

85th Birthday Celebrations - 2020

Peter Huxley, Jarrad Brooke, Holly Hall, Geoff Dunn, Sally-Anne Whitten, Jessica Renaglia, Nikki Kenwrick, Maddison Wren, Kaleb Crowhurst.

Joe Marshall and Troy Kenwrick

Joe Marshall and Troy Kenwrick

Standing with their hand-crafted Golden Guitar Award statue that was gifted to 2TM. Joe crafted the woodwork, while Troy hand sculptured the guitar from steel.