442 - 445 Goonoo Goonoo Road

Tamworth NSW 2340

Across the road from the Golden Guitar



On the 27th of Feburary 1935, Radio 2TM went live in Tamworth on 1287 on the AM band.

Join us and take a stroll through memory lane as we walk through the milestones of 2TM's incredible history.

1935: 2TM opened February 27th on 1300 kilocycles by Ernest Higginbotham and Tom Whitcombe.

1936: Transmission power increased to 1000 watts.

1937: New transmitter in Duri (February).

1942: 2TM Women's Radio Club formed.

1947: 2TM Women's Radio Club becomes the All Charities Club.

1959: 2TM moves from 312 Peel Street Tamworth to its present location, Goonoo Goonoo Road South Tamworth, plus the erection of a 117 metre transmission tower on the corner of the New England Highway and Whitehouse Lane, 12 kilometres south of Tamworth.

1965: The beginning of "Hoedown" by John Minson.

1971: 36th anniversary featuring a country music concert starring Johnny Ashcroft. At the conclusion of the event, he was presented with 3 golden long-playing records as a souvenir. This led him to ask "Why don't you present more awards like this, and to all country music artists?". This idea was later taken up, leading to the creation of the Golden Guitar Awards.

1973: The debut of the Golden Guitar Awards

1993: 2TM sold to the Super Radio Network

2020: 85th Birthday

2TM's contribution in the early years of the Festival

Max Ellis, former 2TM member and country music advocate writes about the history of how Tamworth became the country music capital. 

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Jessica Renaglia writes about the behind-the-scenes experience of the Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Golden Guitars, including meeting 2TM icons, Joy McKean and Max Ellis.