2TM & 92.9FM gives your business the opportunity to reach 73,000+ potential listeners encompassing Tamworth and surrounding areas. 


This is the official current figure from the last census conducted in the area and is current for ALL radio stations in Tamworth and the surrounding areas.

​Being the only AM & FM commercial radio stations in Tamworth, 2TM and our sister station 92.9FM have no conditions placed on our advertising times, giving you the best exposure and the freedom to choose how you would like to run your advertising campaign. 


The success of any advertising campaign is frequency. Studies have proven that to get the best results, commercials need to be heard several times per day between the hours of 6am and 7pm on weekdays and 6am and 12pm on Saturdays.

We do not place limits on the amount of ads you wish to run PLUS you will get a proportion of our filler list (unsold airtime) as a bonus.

if you need to promote a


choose commercial radio 

Doing it For Our Farmers
Doing it For Our Farmers

Optus Testimonial
Optus Testimonial

Doing it For Our Farmers
Doing it For Our Farmers


We offer several different advertising solutions, and can tailor make packages to suit each individual business.


These include commercials, promotions, sponsorships, outside broadcasts, simulated outside broadcasts, sweepers, phone crosses, interviews, competitions, and integration with our websites and social media.


The music on 2TM is thoughtfully programmed to suit the 45 plus age group and on 92.9FM the music is programmed to a younger 18-45-year-old age group.  This enables you to specifically target the demographic you wish to reach. 

Remember, 18 – 45 year old people rarely listen to the same music selection as the 45+ year old people and vice versa.  This is why we have two separate stations to cater for each demographic.


Along with local news, national news and well-known and loved announcers, 2TM & 92.9FM are local brands people trust and love. 


We have a highly experienced sales team who would love to speak to you about how best 2TM & 92.9FM can help your business. 


Be it a branding message, a sale or event, we will work alongside you throughout the whole process of scheduling, writing your script and producing your commercial.