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2023 TCMF Interview Schedule 

January 2023

Friday the 13th

Breakfast with Monte Irvine 

6.30am Ashleigh Dallas Cohost Breakfast with Monte 

8am Country Music Academy Students

8.30am Matt Barratt 

9am Felicity Dowd 

Workday with Chris Jolly

10.00am Loui Shelton

10.30am Max Jackson 

11.00am Jacinta Lee 

11.30am Hayley Jensen 

12.00pm Melinda Schneider

12.30pm Peter Chapman

1.00pm Renee Jonas 

Drive with Ronnie T 

3.00pm Peter Coab & The Cob sisters  

3.30pm Adam Harvey 

4.00pm Duncan Hill 

4.30 Darren and Olivia Coggan 

5.00pm Benn Gunn

5.30pm Runaway

Saturday 14th 

Breakfast with Monte Irvine

6.30am Gypsy Schmidt

7am Ben Walker

7.30am Felicity Kirker  

8am Duncan Toombs 

8.30am Billie-Jo Porter 

9.00am Lee Griffin 

9.30am Natalie Pearson 

10.00am Abby Ferris 

10.30am Andy Penkow 

11.00am Ian Burns 

11.30am Open Season 

12.00pm Fibber 

Saturday Afternoon with Ronnie T

12.30pm Benny Allen 

1.00pm Billie Gudgeon Band 

1.30pm Jarrad Rigley

2pm Allan Gumm

2.30pm Larry Cann

3.00pm Dan Murphy

Sunday 15th 

Breakfast with Chris 

7am Bonnie Kellet 

8am Brandon McMahon 

8.30 Allen Cameron 

9.00am Cassidy Joan

9.30am Stewart Barton  

10.00am Angus Gill 

10.30am Ben Ransom 

11.00am Brewn 

11.30am Luke O'shea


12.00 The Mezcaltones

12.30pm Grace Mae

1.30pm Violet Claire 

2pm Nikita

2.30 Anne Fraser

3.00pm Jamie Lindsey 

Monday 16th

Breakfast with Monte Irvine 

6.30am McKenzie Lee (Discovered Finalist and Breaky cohost)

7.00am Ella and Sienna 

7.30am Sally-Anne Whitten 

8.00am Gretta Zilla

8.30am Kingswood 

9.00am Ashleigh Dallas 

9.30am Paul Costa 

Workday with Chris Jolly

10.00am Will Day 

10.30am Kaitlyn Thomas 

11am Ben De La Cour 

11.30am Sally Jane 

12.00pm Lachlan Bryan  

12.30pm Hudson Rose 

1.00pm Lance Biruell 

1.30pm Tory Curkin 

Drive with Ronnie T

2.00pm Sullivans 

2.30pm Jason Freckleton

3.00pm Sandy Louise 

3.30pm Graham Howle 

4pm Chris Staff 

4.30pm Dough Bruce and the Tailgaters 

5.00pm Divinia Jean 

5.30 Ingrid Mae

Tuesday 17th 

Breakfast with Monte Irvine

6.30am Sari Abbott (Discovered Finalist and Breaky Cohost)

7.00am Jake Davey 

7.30am Chloe Style 

8.00am Alexis and Suzzy 

8.30am Kaylee Bell 

9.00am Cassidy-Rae 

9.30am Lyn Bowtell  

Workday with Chris Jolly

10.00am Troy Cassar-Daley 

10.30am Andrew Swift 

11.00am Jemma Beech 

11.30am Kiara Rodrigues 

12.00pm Charlie Fittler 

12.30pm Justin Landers 

1.00pm James Johnston 

1.30pm Shane Nicholson 

Drive with Ronnie T

2.00pm Bud Rokesky 

2.30pm Melody Moko 

3.00pm Madi Colville-Walker 

3.30pm Craig Woodward 

4.00pm Piper Rodrigues 

4.30pm Zac and George 

5.00pm Col Finley

5.30pm The Pleasures 

Wednesday 18th 

Breakfast with Monte Irvine

6.30am Beth Lucus (Discovered Finalist and Breaky Cohost)

7.00am Beccy Cole 

7.30am Adam Harvey 

8.00am Amber Lawrence 

8.30am Felicity Urquhart and Josh Cunningham 

9.00am Briana Dinsdale 

9.30am Star Maker Winner - Lauren Ryan 

Workday with Chris Jolly

10.00am Tayla Roberts 

10.30am Camille Trail

11.00am Tyler Rodrigues 

11.30am Aimee Hannan 

12.00pm Cass Hopetoun 

12.30pm Scarletts Way 

1.00pm Chris Matthews

1.30pm Blake O'Connor  

Drive with Ronnie T

2.00 Matt Scullion 

2.30pm Sara Storer

3.00pm Michael Waugh 

3.30 TC Cassidy 

4.00pm Raechel Whitchurch

4.30pm Alan Fletcher 

5.00pm Sara Berki

5.30pm Darlinghurst 

Thursday 19th 

Breakfast with Monte Irvine

6.30am Felicity Kircher (Discovered Finalist and Breaky Cohost)

7.00am Kirsty Lee Akers 

7.30am Sons of Atticus 

8.00am Christie Lamb

8.30am Lauren Ryan Toyota Star Maker winner  

9.00am Kristy Cox 

9.30am The Wolfe Brothers 

Workday with Chris Jolly

10.00am Vixens of falls 

10.30am Timothy James Bowen 

11.00am Graeme Connors 

11.30am Claudia Tripp 

12.00pm Josie Laver 

12.30pm Tori Forsyth 

1.00pm Piper Butcher 

1.30pm Collin Lillie 

Drive with Ronnie T

2.00pm Ian Moss 

2.30pm Courtney Keil 

3.00pm Jenny Mitchell

3.30 Ronnie Joudo 

4.00pm Toria Richings 

4.30pm James Stewart Keene 

5.00pm The Buckleys 

5.30pm Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersly 

Friday 20th 

Breakfast with Monte Irvine

6.30am Georgie Durr (Discovered Finalist and Breaky Cohost)

7.00am Emily Hatton 

7.30am Taylor Moss 

8.00am Melanie Dyer 

8.30am The Weeping Willows 

9.00am Fanny Lumsden 

Workday with Chris Jolly

10.00am Patrick Wilson 

10.30am Catherine Britt  

11.00am Amy Sheppard  

12.00pm Casey Barnes 

12.30pm Tim Freedman (The Whitlams) 

1.00pm Shelly Jones Band

1.30pm Colin Buchanan 

Drive with Ronnie T

2.00pm Aaron Jurd 

2.30pm Dan Henwood 

3.30pm Crawfish Stew 

4.00pm Corey Legge 

4.30pm Josh Setterfield 

5.00pm Jase Lansky 

5.30pm Blake Dantier 

Saturday 21st 

Breakfast with Chris 

7.00am Lloyd Back

7.30am Kelly Cork 

8.00am Danny Phegan 

8.30am Michelle Cashman 

9.00am Jax Tonic 

9.30am Michelle Little 

10.00am Jamey Foxton 

10.30am Torrie Darke 

11.00am Ben Seymour

11.30am Elise Drake  


12.00pm Viper Creek band 

1.30pm Georgia State Line 

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