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Tamworth drivers rack up speeding offences

Picture: NSW Police

Tamworth drivers were among the worst in the state during the festive season, racking up the most speeding offences in the western region.

Acting Inspector Brenden Madgwick said Operation Safe Arrival was conducted across the state from December 20 to January 1.

He added that during that period in Oxley Police District, police conducted 6338 breath tests, during which 17 people were detected driving under the influence of alcohol and

two under the influence of a prohibited drugs.

Inspector Madgwick said a total of 587 infringement notices were issued, 314 of those were issued for speeding offences.

He added that thankfully across the Oxley Police District there were no fatalities, but is is concerning the district recorded the greatest number of speeding offences across Western Region.

"Of the 17 drivers detected driving under the influence of alcohol, a 39-year-old male was stopped on the Kamilaroi Highway, Boggabri," Inspector Madgwick said.

"The driver returned a positive reading to alcohol before being taken to Boggabri Police Station.

"During the secondary test the driver returned [an alleged reading] of 0.219 which is more than four times the legal limit."

The man is set appear before court in February.


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