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Recycle your old mobile phones right here in Tamworth

It is estimated Australian's are holding onto 5 million old mobile phones that are no longer being used, so for this Landcare Week 3-9th, August do your bit to stop old technology going in the bin.

Mobile Muster is partnering with Landcare Australia in an aim to collect and recycle 20,000 mobile phones throughout August.

The free mobile phone recycling program is available for residents in the New England area with multiple collection points right here in Tamworth.

As the official product stewardship operator for used mobile phones in Australia, Mobile Muster is helping to stop old technology filling up landfills.

The program is funded by some of Australia's major telecommunication companies to help reduce the impact of old technology waste on the environment.

Spyros Kalos Head of Mobile Muster said whilst privacy issues are commonly raised people can have confidence their information won't be accessed.

"You don't need to worry about it because from a Mobile Muster perspective we don't actually reuse or resell anything that we collect and we don't turn on the devices or test them," said Mr Kalos.

"What actually happens to the data is it gets destroyed through our recycling process".

"Everything that gets collected is dismantled locally in Australia, into its various components and you get the batteries, the glass from the screen, the casing and the circuit boards".

Mr Kalos said the circuit board holding private data is melted down so no privacy issue would arise.

The recycling program is not limited to mobile phones only and also accepts mobile phone chargers, headsets, portable modems and spare batteries.

Drop off locations include Tamworth Regional Council building on Peel St and several other locations you can find here.


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