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Dog Owners Warned to be Vigilant and Proactive Following an Outbreak of the Pavovirus in Tamworth

A recent outbreak of the Pavovirus (Pavo) amongst dogs in the Tamworth area has lead to a timely reminder for owners to make sure their four-legged friends are vaccinated.

The Piper Street Vet Clinic has put out a stern warning for all dog owners after diagnosing five positive cases in just two days.

Veterinarian at the clinic, Isaac Roebuck believes the change in season has played a huge part in the recent outbreak.

“The Spring Weather; A, means that people are out walking and socializing their animals more, especially in this daylight saving period. And B, the virus itself survives a bit longer in the warm and humid conditions” he said.

The Tamworth Vet says the recent outbreak serves as a timely reminder for dog owners is to ensure their canines are fully vaccinated.

“Vaccinations almost have a 100% efficacy in preventing the virus at all, so puppies getting vaccinated at 12 and 16 weeks then annual boosters is a way to 100% protect your animals,” Roebuck said.

Any owners who haven’t vaccinated their dogs or are unsure if their vaccinations are up to date are encouraged to isolate them until they do so.

“Unless your dog has been fully vaccinated in terms of both it’s puppy vaccination and boosts as an adult, you want to try and prevent those animals socializing in high density areas like parks or anything like that until the dog is fully protected with vaccinations.”

If you’re reading this and are now worried about your dog’s welfare, Isaac has a list of symptoms you should be looking out for.

“Initially your dog might just be a bit flat, lethargic or off its food, but as the virus progresses they obviously begin to vomit and progress into diarrhea.”

“If you’ve got a dog that is not vaccinated and showing the signs of Pavo, isolate it and get it to your vet immediately so your not responsible for spreading that infection further through the community.”


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