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Calrossy's year of Hope

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

2023 is the year of 'hope' at Calrossy Anglican School, helping to inspire and reinstate feelings of hope throughout the community following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each year at Calrossy a theme is chosen around the current social climate, and now that the community can start getting back to normal life, there is hope for traditions and activities involving the community to return.

“One of the things we do at Calrossy is really spend time reaching out into this community and Tamworth and beyond, and bringing hope into our students lives by helping them see the benefit of adding hope to others lives,” said Leader of Wellbeing for the Boarding Community, Maria Buster.

In previous years, Calrossy have helped various charities such as Share the Hope and Serendipity, building hope not only in their school community but in the Tamworth community as well.

“As a school at Calrossy, we look out not only for our students, but we try to model that by being involved in the community in whichever way we can,” said Mrs Buster.

In a first-time challenge, Kindergarten to Year 12 students and teachers, joined together to spell out the word ‘hope’ on their school oval, something 2023 Chapel Prefect Zanthie Hewitt believes is a representation of Calrossy as a school.

“It represents us a school, we’re combined, we are united in God but then we also have different values and strengths that we can use. Together we are united,” said Zanthie.

“We define hope that in the ups and downs of life, we have a firm basis in the God who sustained us for over 100 years.

“We also have hope for the students and staff looking forward to the future and looking forward to other things we haven’t been able to do in previous years due to COVID.”

Over 1000 students and teachers from K-12 came together to form the word 'hope' on the school oval.

After years of COVID-19, droughts, floods and various other natural disasters, Calrossy aims to inspire hope throughout Tamworth and beyond by continuing to get involved in the community.


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