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'This is an Outrage': Barnaby Joyce Speaks Out About Today's Animal Rights Protest

Barnaby Joyce has hit back at today’s record breaking animal rights protest.

Today’s protests caused chaos for commuters during the morning’s peak hour traffic period in the nation’s capital cities.

38 people were arrested in Melbourne alone for the protest staged at the busy Flinders Street Station Intersection.

Speaking on radio this morning, the Member for the New England labelled the protests that leaked onto private properties as an outrage.

“Apparently we’re going to have fly in squads of animal activists coming up from Melbourne invading

people’s properties.” Mr Joyce said.

“This is an outrage.”

“They still have that Aussie farms (list) up on their website.

"If we were to put Aussie vegans up there and note where all of the vegan restaurants and vegan supermarkets are and where they possibly live, I think people would be rightly outraged.”

Mr Joyce has called for the government to support our nation’s producers now more than ever, fearing the worst for the industry.

“I want to make sure we have a government that stands behind our producers."

“They will shut us down, they just don’t believe in our livestock.

“We have to have a government strong enough to deal with these people.”


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