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Tamworth residents ready to commemorate Anzac Day

Despite the circumstances the world finds itself in, Tamworth will still honour the sacrifices made by the country’s servicemen and women.

Online community Tamworth True and local business Tamworth Tech Camp have teamed up to create a virtual map showing the homes that will commemorate Anzac Day by standing at the end of their driveway.

Founder of the online group, Jody Ekert, said it was important to still connect and honour the Australian tradition.

"We saw a lot of people talking about supporting the standing in your driveway idea," she said.

"I had the idea that it would be nice if we could see as a town who was going to be participating.

"Tamworth Tech Camp had done a great map for the Bear Hunt so I approached Kimberley about doing a digital map for Anzac Day."

The google map uses poppies to map homes of residents taking part, but it also has musical items to show a special addition to the important day.

The Tamworth RSL Brass Band have always had a presence at Anzac Day services around the region, and this year they are changing things up to still honour the tradition while maintaining social distancing.

Some of the members, in uniform, will be taking part in the driveway tribute, playing the last post at 6am.

Check out the map here.

Ways You Can Commemorate ANZAC Day 2020

  1. Be part of the Community Ode – Record a video of yourself reciting The Ode or sharing a message of support for veterans on your social media.

  2. Light up the dawn at 6am on ANZAC Day. Go to the end of your driveway, stand on your balcony or in your lounge room and listen to a brief commemorative service.

  3. Tune into live services and virtual commemorative services. This includes the 5.30am service from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. There will also be a 10am virtual streaming service from the Anzac Memorial in Sydney that will be broadcast live with more details to follow.

  4. Reach out to a mate or veteran who might be alone. Many people are alone during this time of isolation. It’s an opportunity to invoke the ANZAC value of mateship and check to see how a mate is doing.

  5. Donate to the ANZAC Appeal online at Donations support Australian veterans and their families in need.


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