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Shade upgrade installation begins in Fitzroy Street

The long-awaited final pieces are being applied to Fitzroy Street as the council installs shade and seating to the development.

Tamworth Regional Council has started work on installing its "living umbrellas" in the plaza project.

The project faced criticism when stage one showed a lack of shade and seating.

Last year, councillors decided to use the remaining $349,000 in the Fitzroy Street Upgrade Project plus $465,885 from the Civic Construction reserve to fund the works.

They agreed adequate shade and comfortable seating was crucial in making the space more enjoyable for the community to use daily and for critical events.

The initial $4.5 million works for the Fitzroy Street transformation to provide a multi-purpose pedestrian-friendly area started in May 2017 and were completed in early 2018.

The new elements will include seating, a shade cloth, a mist spray and plants.


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