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Keepit Alive

Lake Keepit is alive with sightseers these holidays, even though the water level is the lowest in the Dam’s history, at just 0.4%.

Whilst the popular boating and fishing spot is currently not being used for it’s regular water activities, the Lake is attracting a different type of visitor this Summer.

Hundreds of people are visiting the park, and re-discovering the hidden history of the area that is appearing as the shoreline recedes.

Fossicker's search the remains of the Huntsgrove Homestead | Photo: Nikki Kenwrick

Once a wheat property owned by the Fitzgerald family, the Huntsgrove Homestead remains have re-appeared after many years of sitting dormant on the bottom of the dam.

GG Dunst discovers a relic with his metal detector | Photo: Nikki Kenwrick

GG Dunst of Tamworth was one of a few people who were fossicking today with a metal detector around the area where the Homestead once stood. GG was delighted when he discovered an old spoon amongst the remains, just one of many buried treasures he uncovered.

The Homesteads fence-line can still be seen as well as the historic gravesites of Huntsgrove Cemetery.

Just this week, the property’s original well was discovered, still completely intact and full of water, providing visitors yet another attraction to see.

Huntsgrove Homestead Well | Photo: Nikki Kenwrick

If you are looking for something unusual to do this Summer, it is well worth the trip out, but be sure to take care where you drive as there have been many bogged vehicles needing a tow out.

And if you haven’t yet made plans for tomorrow night, local talent, Allison Forbes will sing in the New Year at the Reflections Caravan Park. You can join her, and the celebrations between 8pm-12pm.

Nikki Kenwrick


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