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Covid-19 Coordination Commission  to 'solve problems'

A new task force has been set up to identify the problems facing Australians on a local level to the federal level as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 Coordination Commission will be headed up by Neville Power and is designed to "better coordinate work between the private and public sectors" as the crisis continues.

"I think Australia right now more than anything needs to focus on mitigating the issues," he said.

The commission will advise the Australian gonvernment on how to solve the social and economic effects of coronavirus, as well as navigate the mental health impacts on sacked workers and people confined to their homes.

During the press conference, the prime minister said he has never seen state and territory leaders work together like they are at the moment.

Mr Morrison said, in response to whether Australia should mimic measures introduced by the UK of guaranteeing 80 per cent of the income, they are providing money to businesses through the BASS arrangements.

"And one of the weaknesses of the system that you're advocating for is that it has to build an entirely new payment system for that to be achieved," he said.

"Which is never done quickly and is never done well, and that will put at great risk the sort of resources we're trying to get to people.

"The best way to get help to people is through the existing payment channels - through the existing taxing arrangements.

"Of all the money that went out in the GFC, and I'm not making a partisan point here - the key lesson was, you must use existing channels for getting money to people because that is the most effective way for that to occur. To dream up other schemes can be very dangerous."


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