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Coronavirus scam messages target residents

Residents are being urged to remain vigilant after a new scam preying on fears of coronavirus emerged.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre is aware of a COVID-19 themed scam being distributed via text message.

"We understand the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Scamwatch has received multiple reports of COVID-19 themed scam texts being sent to members of the public," it said.

"The text messages appear to come from ‘GOV’ as the sender and they include a link to find out when to ‘get tested in your geographical area’ for COVID-19.

"The link in these text messages is not legitimate, and if clicked on, may install malicious software on your device, designed to steal your banking details."

The ACSC said if you receive one of these messages, delete the message and do not click the link.

"Messages that pretend to be government and other trusted organisations are known as phishing scams," it said.

"They often contain a link to a fake website, where you are encouraged to enter confidential details.

"If you’ve received one of these messages and you’ve clicked on the link, or you’re concerned your personal details have been compromised, contact your financial institution immediately."

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