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Changes on the Way for the Golden Guitar Visitor Information Centre.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The iconic Golden Guitar will take on a new lease of life and will home a brand new National Guitar Museum.

With a focus on building the cities visitor numbers and rekindling the love of National icon, Council has endeavored to look at the needs of visitors to the City and the site.

A National Guitar Museum established at the site which saw 117,000 visitors pass through the door last year.

There will also be some minor structural changes to the facility but most importantly the Golden Guitar will be untouched.

The current wax display is expected to be relocated to the Country Music Hall of Fame located at the end of Peel Street.

It is expected that access to both the Wax Museum and Guitar Museum will be one fee only, and council will continue to conduct ticket sales from the centre.

The café is an important draw card for the facility and Council is currently exploring how they best operate it, possibly providing an opportunity for local business.

Council approved negotiations of the lot in December last year and gave the green light for the Mayor and General Manager to negotiate the Surrender of Lease for the current Tamworth Visitor Information Centre.

The gift shop will cease its current operation mid May and it’s expected that council will take over the site from the 1st of July.


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