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Bundarra water restrictions lifted after 'much-needed' rain

In some relief to the tough drought, Uralla Shire Council announced the Level 5 water restrictions for Bundarra have been lifted.

Recent rainfall in the Gwydir River catchment has replenished Taylors Pond, the raw water source for Bundarra said council’s acting general manager David Aber.

“I am pleased that much-needed rainfall has filled Taylors Pond to capacity,” he said.

“For that reason, water restrictions can be lifted completely.”

Residents are asked to remain mindful of their water consumption.

“The rain has provided temporary relief, however, we are still in drought conditions with water shortages across our region,” Mr Aber said.


Depending on ongoing flows of the Gwydir River, the council will reconsider the triggers for the future application of water restrictions for the Bundarra water supply with a view to maximise supply capacity.

The current Boil Water Alert due to elevated turbidity levels of the treated water still applies and is expected to remain in place till the end of the week.

Residents are reminded that water used for drinking or food preparation should be brought to a rolling boil to make it safe.

Water should then be allowed to cool and stored in a clean container with a lid and refrigerated.

Bottled water or cool boiled water should be used for drinking, washing uncooked food, making ice, cleaning teeth, gargling, and pets’ drinking water.


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