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Uralla set to welcome motorists in vibrant fashion

The Uralla Rotary Club have undertaken the ambitious community project of delivering brand-new welcome signs to the town of Uralla thanks to a $100,000 state government grant.

Northern Tableland's MP Adam Marshall said the funding would be used by the club for the design and installation of large road signs at the four main entrances to the township and Shire.

“Uralla is renowned for its vibrant and bustling CBD and strong cultural ties, but it’s

always lacked the same style of signage welcoming visitors to the district,” Mr

Marshall said.

“Uralla Rotary is teaming up with council to design and deliver new attractive signs

which will also capture and recognise the Aboriginal history of the Uralla Shire."

Uralla Rotary Club President Clare Mailler said that they were excited to receive the


“Our Club is excited to be part of creating a sense of connection, belonging and

recognition within the community through the signage, recognisable by locals and

visitors alike,” Ms Mailler said.

“We have discussed this as a possible project over a number of years, seeing the lack

of signage at town and village main entrances as well as shire boundaries along the

main road and highways.

“I see this as an opportunity to continue the work of Rotary in our community,

promoting diversity and inclusion within our community for the benefit of all of us

including visitors to our area."

The Uralla Rotary Club and Adam Marshall MP are excited to create a sense of connection, belonging and recognition within the community through new signage.


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