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Truckies 'denied access to toilets' says ATA

Picture: Australian Trucking Association

Reports are emerging of truck drivers being denied access to toilet and shower facilities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Australian Trucking Association chairman Geoff Crouch said truck drivers are working harder than ever to deliver essential goods to communities across the country.

"We’re being told that they cannot access the proper facilities needed to support them in their role,” he said. “I have been given firsthand reports from operators where their drivers have arrived at roadhouses only to find the facilities were shut, whilst some customers’ receiving points have distributed notifications saying that toilets are not available for non-staff. “Not only is this unfair and unreasonable, it is a humanitarian issue."

Mr Crouch said drivers are putting themselves on the frontline to keep Australia moving, yet they do not have access to basic human rights. He added that while Australia faces a great deal of change and anxiety around the coronavirus pandemic, it is critical all parties in the supply chain and the wider community give truck drivers the support they need. “We are all in this together,” Mr Crocuh said. Earlier this week, BP released a statement assuring that all their sites and facilities would remain open, with increased cleaning procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of drivers, employees and customers. “I commend the proactive approach BP has taken to make sure drivers had full access to the proper facilities,” Mr Crouch said.


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