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Thirty years of FM radio

Thirty years ago on May 1, 1993, Tamworth’s only free-to-air commercial radio station 92.9FM was switched on and is now the most listened to radio station in the New England, Northwest and Liverpool Plains areas.

The 92.9FM team L-R: Ellie, Hanna-Mae, Nikki, Di, Amz, JB, Alayna, Monte and Bailey.

“For a region like Tamworth, to actually get an FM radio in stereo quality, better coverage and a more contemporary format was a very big deal,” Content Director and Breakfast Announcer, Jarred ‘JB’ Brooke said.

A month later, in June of 1993, 92.9FM exceeded all expectations of the new music format, engaging in 20 per cent of the total radio market in the area.

Over the years, the station has been involved in fundraisers and hosted many giveaways and outside broadcasts.

In 2008, 92.9FM assisted in the building of Tamworth’s Ronald McDonald House, broadcasting live for the 12 hours it took to build.

In 2018 the station hosted the ‘Buy-a-Bale’ concert, which raised over $2 million for drought affected farmers in Australia’s worst recorded drought and in 2020 the station hosted the first Virtual Tamworth Show giving the community the opportunity to showcase their work and win a prize during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year, on October 26, 92.9FM held the first Bra-B-Q event in affiliation with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, raising $3,552 on the day for the local organisation Serendipity.

For centuries radio has been one of the most important pieces of technology.

Invented in the early 1800s, radios have provided communication as well as entertainment throughout the world and continues to advance to this day.

To celebrate turning 30, 92.9FM will be throwing a 90s themed birthday bash to give listeners a chance to celebrate with the hosts that accompany them throughout their mornings, workdays, and afternoons.

“We’ve done a lot of things for the community, probably the biggest being the Bra-B-Q and being able to highlight a local business that not many people knew about,” General Manager, Nikki Kenwrick said.

“I think it’s great to use radio to give to the community, because everyone has access to radio, it’s freely available and accessible to everyone.”


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