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Tamworth Regional Council shuffles roles in preparation for growth

Former Director of Business and Community John Sommerlad has started a new role as the Commercial Director Airport and Aviation from Monday 3rd August.

Mr Sommerlad's new role will replace the empty Airport Manager position, previously held by Julie Stewart who moved to the role of Airport Manager at Ballina Shire Council in January 2020.

Tamworth Regional Council General Manager Paul Bennett said Mr Sommerlad agreed to transfer to the new role and the position at the airport will also include a focus on steering the airport towards international travel and rebuilding the aviation training program.

Mr Sommerlad's former role as Director of Business and Community will no longer exist as the Council moves forward with internal restructuring.

A new role titled Director of Growth and Prosperity will encompass some responsibilities from Mr Sommerlad's former role and also some different ones.

Tamworth Council's General Manager Mr Bennett said in line with Tamworth's Blueprint 100 the new role requires 'different skills' and 'entrepreneurial ideas'.

The search is currently underway to fill the new role as well as the positions for Director of Planning and Compliance and Executive Manager of Strategy and Performance.

Mr Bennett said there have been 68 downloads of the information pack up until last Friday 31st July and he hopes to have the roles up and running by the middle of October.

EDIT: Details of this story have been corrected on Thursday 6th August.


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