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Students develop 'waste to mulch' system

Adam Marshall with Uralla Central School agriculture students Lachlan Williams, Callum Dailey and Kit Campbell who developed the idea to use the school’s recycled paper waste for quality mulch. Picture: Supplied

AN innovative program led by students, recycling waste products for use at Uralla Central School’s agriculture plot, has received a boost with a $15,000 grant.

Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall said the funding would allow students to investigate different ways recyclables could be used to provide greater productivity on the farm.

“It’s exciting to see school students coming up with their own individual ways to deal with items like paper and cardboard instead of sending them to an external recycling plant for processing,” he said.

“Through the agriculture program, students will look at ways paper and cardboard from the school can be used as weed matting or a supplement for mulch on garden beds.

“Students will also investigate how well recyclable products can be utilised for other agricultural purposes like seedling planters or as bedding for the farm’s chooks.

Mr Marshall said teachers will work with students to help them understand how inks, dyes and paints can be neutralised when working with paper products.

He added that learning these skills at school can ultimately lead to better recycling practices at home and it’s great to see Uralla Central School placing so much emphasis on recycling as part of its programs.

Mr Marshall said he was impressed by the way schools across the region had embraced sustainable practices.

“The Sustainable Schools Grants are empowering students and school communities to implement projects that will benefit the environment by helping to save energy or water, reduce waste, or improve biodiversity,” he said

“I’m looking forward to seeing the wonderful projects come to life in the coming months and the positive changes they impart on the school community.”


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