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Stress Looms as Local Year Twelve Students Sit Their First HSC Exam

More than 60,000 year 12 students from across the region will sit their first Higher School Certificate exam today.

118 HSC written examinations totalling around 300 hours are scheduled between today and the 9th of November.

For the majority of the students these exams will cap off 13 years of schooling dating back to their kindergarten days in 2006.

School Education Director, Ruythe Dufty says now is the time where the last two years of hard work pays off.

“My message to the students is to put the skills and knowledge that they’ve learnt into practise, to try and manage their own well being and to do their best.”

After the last exam is sat on the 9th of November, more than 5,500 teachers across NSW will mark the papers with some exams requiring at least 11 markers.

Results will be available to the students at 6am on Thursday the 13th of December.


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