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Protesters gather in Tamworth against a 'gas lead recovery'

A group of about 20 students and adults gathered in Tamworth on Friday 25th September, in protest of the federal government's plan for a gas lead recovery.

Khiara Leabon, is 14 years old, from Tamworth and concerned about the future of our region.

Khiara read a speech at the protest asking Prime Minister Scott Morrison to 'do better' and demanded the federal government commit to a target for zero net carbon emissions by 2050.

"We urge our govenrment not to use taxpayer funds to rescue fossil fuel industries," Khiara said," For my whole life we have being asking our government to protect our land, water and climate from coal, gas and destruction.

The protesters donned facemasks and limted the gathering to 20 people so as to abide with current Public Health Orders limiting mass gatherings.

The final decision for the future of the contraversial Narrabri Gas Project is expected to be handed down next week and Khiara said the govenrment should not be intervening.

"Even while the Narrabri Gas decision is being asssed, why does the govenrment cut across this process?" Khiara said.

Khiara is concerned that her generation will miss out on future jobs in the renewable energy industry if the Government continues to subsidise gas infrastrucure.

The protest in Tamworth was in solidarity with more than 500 School Strike for Climate events taking place across the nation.

The slogan #FundourFutureNotGas is plastered across the signs protesters held up in front of Tamworths iconic Golden Guitar and is trending on social media.


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