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Project You to boost Tamworth's future professionals

After 10 years in the world of business, one Tamworth entrepreneur will be doing his bit to help upcoming generations.

PRD Tamworth's Mark Sleiman has created the not-for-profit initiative Project You.

"I was able to, at a young age, surround myself with people who had been on similar journeys," he said.

"I was able to sponge quite a bit of information which has enabled me to make the right decisions.

"I have made plenty of mistakes, but the one thing I never take for granted is the people around me and the knowledge they share."

Mr Sleiman said there is a lot to learn from people in the community whether it be something seemingly small as writing a resume through to money management and wealth creation.

He added that for people who leave school there is a void between that final day and the next big step, whether that is travel, work or studying.

Mr Sleiman said that can be an incredibly tough time to know what to do in isolation, and it is immensely beneficial to have people to guide you.

"Project You is going to be somewhere where people can be exposed to what I was lucky enough to have," he said.


"If someone picks up one or two things then it's a success."

Mr Sleiman said all the speakers are donating their time, and the sessions will be free to make them easily accessible to anyone who has an interest.

He added that not every session will appeal to the same group of people, but he encourages Tamworth residents to take an interest in learning something new.

Project You has announced their first free session 'What's Next?'.

Mr Sleiman said this will speak to school leavers, young professionals and any that want to hear the professional and personal journeys from some of Tamworth's own including:

  • Holly Goodman - Owner at The Good Gift Co

  • Richard O'Halloran - Solicitor at R.J O'Halloran & Co

  • Claudia Monique - Sales & Marketing at Downtown Media Group

  • Paddy Ryan - Owner at Millennium Plumbing

  • Ben Clifton - Owner at Transwest Fuels Pty Ltd

Mr Sleiman said attendees can hear what they went through, what decisions they made after school, what opportunities they took, what challenges did they overcome, where they are now and what their plan is for the future.

There will be opportunities to ask questions, and time to mingle afterwards. RSVP's are essential as there are limited spots in the office. Respond to this event or drop us an email.

For for more information click here.


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