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Prime Minister announces $130bn economic package

File shot.

The Prime Minister has announced a $130 billion economic package including a "job keeper" allowance to keep people employed. The government is also changing the partner income test for Centrelink from $48,000 to $79,000 per year. This means if your partner earns under $79,000 or so, and you lose your job, you will now able to access the new Centrelink payments. Scott Morrison also announced a $1500 a fortnight "job keeper" payment which will last for six months. The payment will be made to businesses to help them keep employees on, even if they are stood down. Mr Morrison said the government would ensure that businesses are really paying it onto their staff. The new stimulus measures will cost about $130 billion. "We want to keep the economy running through this crisis, it may run in idle for some time, but it must run," said Mr Morrison.


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