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Pilot walks away from Gunnedah plane crash

No one was injured as a plane crashed during take-off in Gunnedah around 1:30 pm Thursday 21st August.

Emergency services were called to the scene outside Gunnedah airport after the plane crashed into roadworks before coming to a stop in a field.

The small, white twin-engine Merlin 3B crashed while attempting to take off creating a dangerous situation as fuel spilled over the field.

Fire and Rescue crew 314 from Gunnedah attended the scene backed up by crew 452 from Tamworth who proved Hazmat support.

Crews got to work containing the fuel spill that occurred as a result of the crash and left a dense layer of foam around the aircraft to ensure the fuel could not catch alight.

The pilot was the only occupant and luckily walked away from the crash

NSW Police and Ambulance also attended the scene and closed off the airport as a precaution.


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