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Tamworth parents decide between home or school for children

Calrossy Anglican School Principal David Smith provides an update

Schools in NSW will remain open, but parents will be encouraged to keep their children at home where possible.

The NSW Premier addressed media on Monday and said if you can keep your children at home, you should "for practical reasons".

There will be a single unit of teaching for all teachers, and online education will be provided.

Tamworth mother Tiffany Muzyczka decided to keep her three children home due to health reasons.

"My son is a high risk if he gets coronavirus being asthmatic, sometimes he's even had to be hospitalised, so I'm not risking it," she said.

"I have kept the other two home, so there's no chance of them picking something up and bringing it home.

"I have also taken time off work to look after them because my parents do it but, my father is 71 and has emphysema, and I wouldn't forgive myself if any of my children passed it on to him."

Ms Muzyczka said it is an anxiety-inducing time, but every parent has the right to choose what they do.

She added that her children had stayed home since mid-last week.

"I have been getting them to do a few online courses, but I rang the school this morning, and they are sending an email with different sites for resources," she said.

Another local mum, Sharna Hughes, will still be sending her children to school.

"I'm an enrolled nurse at an aged care facility, and my husband is an aged care worker," she said.

"While we have no confirmed cases in our facility, my husband and I need to be able to work to provide care to the residents.

"I chose to keep sending my children to school as the only other person who can look after our four children besides us is my 75-year-old grandmother - this puts her at risk."

Ms Hughes said if there are any confirmed cases in the foreseeable future, she will stay home as she has an autoimmune disease.

"Therefore my children will be able to stay home too," she said.

Calrossy Anglican School has already enacted its plan following the NSW government's announcement on Monday morning.

Principal David Smith said parents would be encouraged to keep children home where possible, as the school shifts to providing online resources.

"Our biggest challenge will be preparing the online content as well as teaching in the classrooms," he said.

"We have never been in a situation like this, there is no rule book, but we are dealing with the situation.

"We have 160 boarders, most of whom are being picked up today but we will still look after the rest."

Mr Smith said although it is a tough time, he commends the students and teachers for their unfailing positive attitudes.



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