• Sally-Anne Whitten

O'Shea Tops the chart with Bridezilla! | August 20

Heyyy country music lovers!

We have a new chart, a new number one place holder, and a bunch of new additions!

A round of applause of O'Shea for taking out the number one spot this week!

Hot on their tail is Imogen Clark, with The Buckleys, Hayley Jensen and The New Graces making up the top 5.

Some hot new tunes this week on the chart from Melody Moko, The Weeping Willows, and Hinterland.

Another massive week for Australian country- the best in the world!

Don't forget to tune in between 4 and 5 pm Friday as Sally-Anne plays the top 10 hits from the chart, and speaks to one of the top ten artists!

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