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NZ Warrior's professionalism inspiring local players

Local footy players and fans Eli Allan (15), Uche Anyanwu (14) Bailey Honeysett (15) inspired after meeting the NZ Warriors

With the 2021 local footy season just around the corner, what better way to get inspired than by rubbing shoulders with professionals.

More than 100 locals turned out for the NZ Warriors open training session on Sunday 24th January at Scully Park.

Fourteen-year-old Uche Anyanwu plays for the North Tamworth Bears and said he is really impressed by their incredible professionalism.

"Watching them play has inspired me to do a lot more fitness," Uche said.

Group 4 rugby league scrapped their 2020 season due to COVID-19, leaving young players itching to get back on the paddock.

"We start preseason in a few weeks and it actually inspires me a lot to come and see the boys train," Uche said.

Even the NZ Warriors reaped some benefits from having an audience said Daniel Floyd Football Operations Manager for the NZ Warriors.

"It's a little bit different they don't do it very often," Mr Floyd said, "It's good for them to get out in front of the local community and meet some people."

Harry Woodhouse (27) said he has been following the Warriors for over 20 years and drove all the way from Sydney for the opportunity to see his favourite team in action.

"I wanted to make the distance to see the team and see how they are going preparing for the season," Mr Woodhouse said.

Operations Manager Mr Floyd said it is amazing that fans had travelled so far.

"I spoke to someone who drove an hour and a half and I thought that was good," said Mr Floyd, "But Sydney, wow that is impressive."

Mr Woodhouse is not only committed to his team, he also believes they can go all the way this year.

"I've got a good feeling about this year," Mr Woodhouse said, "We have so many good forwards, we have such a good team gelling, and the way we did so well last year in the face of adversity, I think our chances are really good this year."

The NZ Warriors time in Tamworth is drawing to a close, however, they will make a final appearance at a sports dinner hosted by West's Entertainment on Friday 29th January.

The team will then move to Terrigal, which is set to be their home base for the foreseeable future, where they will host a home game for Round 1 against the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday 13th March.


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