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NSW social restrictions to be eased from May

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Adults in NSW will have a bit more freedom when it comes to socialising as of this Friday as the government loosens the rules. During her daily press conference, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that restrictions would be slightly eased. "So the biggest change from Friday for most people is that two adults can go and visit another household," she said. "Please, please do that responsibly. We trust everybody to do it responsibly. Don’t take risks. "We don’t want to see the numbers suddenly spike up because people are being irresponsible and nd I’m absolutely confident that people will be responsible because there’s too much at stake." Ms Berejiklian added that she anticipates more cases during May, as there will be people moving around more. "The health system will be able to cope with that because we’ve used this time during April to build up the capacity get the extra PPE and to make sure that we’re ready, whether it’s in schools, whether it’s people going shopping or whether it’s people now visiting houses two adults at a time," she said. "We’ll make sure that we have those provisions in place."


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