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No willing sellers for Tamworth's water-buy

Tamworth Regional Council may have a hard time finding 350 megalitres of water on the open market according to the council's own Director of Water and Waste Bruce Logan.

"We might not get all the water we are looking for because there are no willing sellers out there who are prepared to sell the water to us, " said Mr Logan.

Tamworth's Regional Council is set to buy water on the temporary market after the recommendation was passed at the council meeting on Tuesday 28th July.

The estimated price could be around $17,500 however the final cost might fluctuate.

"The seller sets the price so we may have to pay more than what we estimated," said Mr Logan, "There's still a bit of work to be done before we've got 350 megalitres available on the temporary market."

Money for the water-buy will be made available from Tamworth's Water Reserve.


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