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New squad targets puppy farms in breeding crackdown

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall, left, RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman, middle, and RSPCA NSW Inspector Scott Meyers

A new squad of 8 animal welfare inspectors has been announced today, just one month after the RSPCA raided puppy farms in Inverell and Wagga Wagga.

The squad will consist of RSPCA inspectors in conjunction with NSW Police total who will

spend their time inspecting breeding facilities across the State and ensuring they meet

the NSW Government’s animal welfare requirements.

NSW Police will be providing support and intelligence officers who will be

monitoring online and social media platforms to help root out the people who are

profiting from the mistreatment of animals.

Adam Marshall Member for the Northern Tablelands and Minister for Agriculture said the state is declaring war on people who continue to abuse animals in this way.

"Puppy factories are illegal in NSW, they are banned, " Mr Marshall said," Anyone who continues to operate them is now put on notice and if they continue their disgusting behaviour of exploiting animals for profit, then you will find yourself in serious trouble."

Under current rules, any breeder found to be doing the wrong thing can have their

animals seized, fines of up to $22,000 and jail time of up to 2 years per offence.

Mr Marshal also said he will soon be introducing new legislation to greatly increase penalties for people who continue to break the law.

"Shortly I will be taking to the parliament some legislation to massively beef up the penalties that courts can apply to these people once their caught," Mr Marshall said.

RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman welcomed the crackdown, which he said would

help ensure the ‘Puppy Factory Taskforce’ was even better equipped to monitor the

status of animal welfare by proactively working with breeders.

“This is a win for animal welfare, but also a win for all the breeders across the state

who are doing the right thing and who care very deeply for the animals they work with,”

Mr Coleman said.

“This funding will help ensure our animals are well-cared for, and that anyone who

does try to cut corners about their welfare will have enforcement action taken

against them.”


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