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New Parking Technology to be Rolled Out in Tamworth Tomorrow

Tamworth Regional Council will launch the Easy Park Pay by Phone service as a payment option across all paid parking areas within the city tomorrow.

The service, that is currently used in many councils across Australia can be accessed via an app on smartphones.

How it works:

Once parked, Users will enter their registration number along with a start and end time for their parking and the parking area code that is displayed on parking signs.

An alert will be sent to the user’s phone 15 minutes prior to the parking time running out.

Users can then select to extend their time, if the parking policy allows.

When users then leave the parking area, they click to stop and only pay for the time that is spent in the park.

The EasyPark pay by Phone service will be available in the Tamworth Region as of Wednesday 17 April 2019.

For more information about EasyPark visit


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