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Movement to donate formal dresses to drought-affected teenagers

Sam Deacon, the 2019 Tamworth Showgirl, has always been passionate about helping Aussies in regional areas.

There's nothing quite like the excitement of getting dolled up for the school formal, and one Tamworth resident is making sure that regional students have that chance.

Sam Deacon, the 2019 Tamworth Showgirl, knows that an unseen impact of the natural disasters that have hit regional areas - from raging fires to flash flooding to ravaging drought seasons - is that many young people would not be able to afford most items for their school formals.

So, she decided to do something about it.

"I was sitting on my bedroom floor, and I was thinking what can I do with all these unwanted clothes," Sam said.

"I remember seeing a Facebook post a couple of years ago asking for formal dresses for people who could not afford them.

"So I decided to put up a post to see if there was any interest, and the response has been fantastic."

Sam has had people from all over Australia jump on board with the idea, some have already posted dresses.

She added that there’s nothing better than being able to get all dolled up to look and feel "a million bucks".

"I am trying to make sure that all our Aussie men and women scrub up well for their formal or that special event they go to," Sam said.

"I am a big supporter of mental health, and this is going to help people feel more confident in themselves."

"So why don’t we all lend a helping hand to our fellow Aussies and donate our old beloved formal dresses to those who need them."

Sam said that any items of clothing she does not directly pass onto someone will be donated to organisations that are able to disperse them to other areas in need.

Anyone who wants to get involved, or is looking for a formal dress can contact Sam through Facebook.


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