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Episode 10 - Our Country - Max Ellis

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

MEDIA RELEASE: Exclusive interview with Max Ellis on the 2TM Our Country podcast

When Radio 2TM staged the first Country Music Awards as a part of their long-term Country Music Capital promotion in 1973, who knew just how huge the festival would become.

Tamworth welcomes 50,000 plus visits to town every January and this major event has now become Australia’s largest music festival.

Former 2TM General Manager, Max Ellis played a fundamental role in the Tamworth Country Music Festivals inception, and he remains very much hands-on when the event comes around each year.

In this 45 minute exclusive, 2TM announcer Sally-Anne Whitten chats with Max Ellis about the early beginnings of the Tamworth Country Music festival, the country music awards and the involvement of 2TM in the foundations of the festival.

Max explains what it is about country music that draws thousands of fans to the festival every year, the integral role radio 2TM played in the development and promotion of the festival and how the country music industry has since progressed.

2TM is proud of its Country Music heritage and we continue this tradition today with a weekly Australian country music top 20 chart which is released every Thursday and a one hour show each Friday from 4pm highlighting the top ten tracks from the chart.

The station also hosts a songwriters session each Wednesday afternoon and a two hour dedicated Australian country music show every Saturday morning called “The Country Mile’.

General Manager, Nikki Kenwrick is very pleased at the response 2TM is receiving from their listeners as the station continues to support Australian Country Music.

The Our Country Podcasts highlight the industry in a way that the station has not done before, and enables the visitors to the Tamworth Country Music festival to stay in touch with the station as well.

You can find the Our Country Podcasts on all major Podcast platforms, or by visiting the 2TM website.

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