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Manilla move up to Level 1 water restrictions after a hotter and dryer November

Namoi River in Manilla, Sourced

Residents and businesses in Manilla will move to Level 1 Water restrictions from Monday 7th December after a hotter and dryer November reduced flows in the Namoi River.

Manilla is currently on Permanent Water Conservation Measures, the lowest level on Tamworth Regional Council's Drought Management Plan.

Louise Cadell, Water Sustainability Officer with Tamworth Regional Council said Level 1 only has minor changes.

"People are still allowed to do some outdoor water use," Ms Cadell said, "However they are limited when it comes to sprinklers, fixed hoses and micro jet sprays."

According to the Drought Management Plan, the main aim of Level 1 water restrictions is to focus on awareness and limit the use of sprinklers.

The use of sprinklers, fixed hoses and micro jet sprays will be limited to 2 hours between 6 pm and 8 pm, whilst all other outdoor water use must be limited to between 6 pm and 8 am to minimise evaporation.

The lift in water restrictions is triggered by a reduction of flows through the Namoi River said Louise Cadell.

"The flow in the Namoi River that feeds the Manilla supply has dropped off considerably," Ms Cadell said, "So we had to make that move to Level 1 restrictions in line with the Drought Management Plan."

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology rainfall during November was 54% lower than average across NSW, while at the same time the state faced temperatures more than three degrees higher than average.

A spokesperson from the Bureau of Meteorology said it wasn't what was expected given the La Nina forecast.

"During this November the La Niña currently active in the Pacific Ocean weakened temporarily, and the Southern Annual Mode also briefly returned to neutral," the BOM spokesperson said, "This contributed to a reduction in cloud cover over Australia during the month, higher air pressure, and less rainfall than typical for a La Niña."

You can find out more information from the Drought Management Plan or by contacting the Tamworth Regional Council.


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