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Local MP says getting tested is the "key to freedom"

Tamworth and Armidale have each recorded no new cases of COVID-19 overnight. This comes as huge community testing efforts begun following an exposure scare in Tamworth earlier in the week.

Local Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson addressed local media this morning, stating the urgent need for people to continue to come forward and get tested.

“Testing numbers have dropped significantly. We need testing numbers up so we can get clear data of where our community sits,” said Mr Anderson.

“That will be our key to freedom”.

Around 1500 people lined up on Monday at testing sites across Tamworth to get tested. Around 900 on Tuesday, and even lower numbers as of midday today.

Reports of test results taking up to 72 hours to come back are heightening a sense of insecurity within the community.

Mr Anderson has called upon the powers that be in Sydney’s pathology testing clinics to employ more staff for a timelier test result response.

“By sheer volume, the number of tests that are occurring right across the state being funnelled into Sydney, I would put the call out that they need to put on more pathologists in Sydney, to try to get some of those results back quickly to regional NSW, so that we are not waiting two, three days to get our tests back.

“Everybody is under the pump – we know that. But if we can get some of those results back in a more timely fashion, that would be greatly appreciated,” said Mr Anderson.

Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall will announce today a mass vaccination roll out at the University of New England Medical Centre, administering Astra Zeneca shots to anyone in the community over 18 years.

This comes as 3 people recently tested positive for COVID-19 in Armidale, sending the LGA into a week long snap lockdown on Saturday last weekend.


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