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'I don't want anybody to be alone': Group to help people get groceries

After a constant stream of negative posts on social media, one Tamworth mum decided to be the change she wanted to see.

Emma Hall started the Tamworth isolation and grocery support Facebook group for people who need help getting their groceries or residents who want to lend.

"Some people can't get to the supermarket or they are in isolation and there is no one to go out," she said.

"All that needs to happen is someone to deliver it."

Already more than 250 people have joined, with positive stories already forming.

"One lady needed some nappies," Ms Hall said. "So another woman donated cloth nappies so she would not have to worry about them for a while."

Miss Hall said she has been staying away from the shops as her son chronic lung disease but has a support system who can lend a hand.

"All the negative posts give me a lot of anxiety and I needed to know that people wanted to help," she said.

"I just thought 'if you can't find it then you have to be it'. I don't want anyone to feel alone."

To join the social media group, click here.


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