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Hundreds of North West residents to create travelling art exhibition

Arts North West Executive Director Caroline Downer sends out Panorama Project sketchbooks.

The phrase "alone together" is about to take a creative twist. Hundreds of regional residents are about to receive their sketchbooks for the Arts North West Panorama Project. These small books have been posted out to artists, writers and keen participants across the New England North West to keep and fill for the next two months before they all come together for a travelling exhibition beginning in late 2020. "It's a way for creative people to document their lives and experience living through this extraordinary time in history," project coordinator Michèle Jedlicka said. "People might express how they've coped through this COVID-19 crisis, whether it's been positive or challenging, or they may want to use their books as an extension of their ongoing work, their culture, or thoughts. "There is no limit to what they do with their books." Arts North West expects to collect the sketchbooks from August 1 and from there, up to 1000 of the little books will travel across regional libraries for people to browse. All books will be returned to their owners after the exhibition. Sketchbooks have now been sent to individuals who have registered through the Arts North West site, and disability and aged care support services. Arts North West executive director Caroline Downer said they are delighted by the positive response from our region, and we have had registrations from all our LGAs. "We are looking forward to seeing all the creative responses," she said. Panorama Project sketchbooks are still available through the Arts North West site at or phone 6732 4988. Eligibility is for residents aged 16 and older and living in one of the 12 council areas supported by Arts North West. For more information, contact


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