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Heed school zones as Tamworth students return to normal schedules

Picture: NSW Road Safety - NSW GOV

Tamworth motorists will again need to keep an eye on the clock around the city's schools as students return to normal schedules today.

During the COVID-19 restrictions school zones have remained in place as normal, however, the number of children in attendance has been greatly reduced.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said with school students back in full attendance from today, all road users need to consider the risks to themselves and young people.

“School zones will become busy from today, with student numbers, vehicles, pedestrians, and buses returning to normal frequency,” he said.

“With recent restrictions changing student attendance and impacting on the vehicle, pedestrian and bus flows, we can’t afford to become complacent for the remainder of the school term.

“All road users, including pedestrians, need to consider their own behaviour in school zones; pay attention to the flashing signs, comply with requests from school crossing supervisors, and keep everyone safe on our roads.”

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command officers take this opportunity to remind road users of the following:

  • Drivers need to either park away from school and escort students in, park in designated areas or heed the kiss and drop zones

  • Parents need to hold their school-age child’s hand, along with younger siblings, when crossing the road and escorting them into school grounds.

Police will be patrolling school zones throughout NSW ensuring road users comply with the road rules, keeping everyone safe. Penalties for school zone offences include:

  • Driving on a path - $457 / 4 demerit points

  • Driving without proper control - $572 4 demerit points

  • Driving using a mobile phone - $457 / 5 points

  • Driving with an animal on lap - $572 / 4 points

  • Stopping in the bus zone - $344 / 2 points

  • Exceeding speed >45kph - $2636 / 7 points


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