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GP-led respiratory clinic 'still needed' despite delays

It’s been weeks since Tamworth was promised a respiratory clinic to help care for patients diagnosed with coronavirus, but there is still no date set for opening. Member for New England Barnaby Joyce told local media on April 2 that to his knowledge the testing clinic would be open within the week. Despite multiple requests from 92.9fm for more details on why it was delayed, and what date it was set to open, a Department of Health spokesperson would only say the clinic in Tamworth would open following the finalisation of the site works. Mr Joyce said he had been informed by the department that there had been delays, but not what was the cause of them. He added he had been told it would open "imminently" so expected to see it's doors open in the next fortnight. When asked if the clinic was going to be useful considering Tamworth's case count has stabilised and it had been more than a week since the last case was diagnosed, Mr Joyce said he would never say it would not be needed. On March 11, the Australian Government announced $206.7 million to support the establishment of up to 100 GP-led Respiratory Clinics across Australia as part of the $2.4 billion National Health Plan to protect Australians from COVID-19. The clinics are to help provide treatment for people who have tested positive and have mild to moderate symptoms.


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