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General access to all bulk filling stations in the region to cease

A snapshot of the riverbed in Manilla. Picture: Graham Cederblad

General access to all bulk filling stations across the region will cease as of January 20, following protest action by Manilla residents last week.

All nine bulk filling stations will only be accessible to licensed domestic water carters and drought cardholders.

Licensed domestic water carters will be able to collect water from the filling stations for delivery to properties not connected to a reticulated water supply that require potable water for domestic use.

Drought cardholders will be able to access the filling stations to collect their allocated 3,000L/week of water using their council issued cards.

These changes will ensure continued access for those who require potable water for essential health, hygiene, safety and welfare needs and will minimize the pressure put on town water supplies by those utilizing the bulk filling stations for outdoor uses.

Manilla and Barraba will move to Level 4 water restrictions as of January 20.

In a statement, Tamworth Regional Council said that in recent weeks consumption in both Manilla and Barraba has been above each town’s respective Level 3 targets which is of concern to considering the ongoing drought conditions and the current volume of Split Rock Dam.

Under Level 4 water restrictions the following rules apply

  1. All residential outdoor use of treated / town / Council water is now banned.

  2. Council will cease to irrigate public parks, gardens, roundabouts and sporting facilities with treated water, but bore / groundwater can continue to be used where available.

  3. Recycled, greywater and rainwater can be used. Rainwater tanks can only be approved by Council and a sign issued if they are stand-alone and not able to be switched to the treated supply.

  4. Trickle feed tanks that are connected to the town water supply for refilling cannot be used for outdoor watering.

  5. There is no irrigation of outdoor industrial and commercial green spaces.

  6. Cleaning of vehicle windows, windscreens, number plates and mirrors can be done for safety and regulatory purposes with buckets only.

  7. Pools cannot be filled or topped up.

  8. Both the Manilla Memorial Swimming Pool and Barraba Memorial Swimming Pool Complex will remain open under Level 4 water restrictions.


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