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Four ways to celebrate Mother's Day in Tamworth

LEFT: Jody Ekert with her son earlier in the year. RIGHT: Yulama gets creative in the kitchen.

There's no doubt this Mother's Day will be different, but that does not mean Tamworth can't celebrate the incredible women out in the community. Jody Ekert, founder of Tamworth True has developed four ways people can get involved this weekend while maintaining social distancing rules. "I was thinking about how Tamworth moved to commemorate Anzac Day online so well and I started thinking about the next big day," she said. "I realised for Mother's Day people rely on cafes and school stalls." The most ingenious is perhaps the "helpline" for dads and kids who need ideas especially as there are no school stalls this year. Ms Ekert also received a message from a friend's eight-year-old daughter asking for ideas as a surprise present. So the Lockdown Love Assistance Line was born. But, Ms Ekert said she understands Mother's Day can be tough for a variety of reasons. She added people can be dealing with loss or infertility, single-parenthood, or being unable to be with family this year. "We encourage everyone to share stories and photos, to use chalk and photography, art and craft, to decorate and share in whatever way you like on the Tamworth True page in the lead up to Mother's Day," she said. "Anyone at all is welcome to join the Gift Exchange too." Here's how you can celebrate the day. 1. Mother's Day Gift Exchange Register for a Mother's Day Gift Exchange. It works just like a secret Santa. With a budget of “$5-10 or handmade with love”, every participant will be assigned someone in town. Then post a card or gift or drop one off on their doorstep. The choice to stay anonymous or not is up to the individual. Register here: 2. Donate a gift Take up the option to donate a gift or service to one or more women in town. Message Tamworth True to be assigned someone. This is ideal for businesses who may want to donate and individuals who don't want to get gifts in return. 3. Get ideas from the Lockdown Love Assistance Line For those in need of any help to organise something for the women in their life get in touch with the "Lockdown Love Assistance Line". Great for dads, partners and young ones who may need another adult to help locate an item, shop for them, give advice on what to buy or where to find it. Remember there may be no school Mother's Day Stalls so, the team are happy to step in and offer some help from the Tamworth True community. Simply email for help. 4. Advertise your local business If you are a business or service in town, Tamworth True will create one main thread where everyone is welcome to advertise their Mother's Day specials and menus to let everyone know. Post here: Hashtags are #tamworthtrue#lockdownlove and #caremongering


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