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Fires Burn on in The New England and North West Region

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Photo: Brayden Vickery

Tingha Plateau Fire

The fire is spreading quickly under strong and gusty winds.

The fire is spreading in multiple directions and there is an immediate threat to lives and properties.

The fire has crossed Howell Road is a moving in a southerly direction. The fire has also crossed Old Mill Road and is moving in an easterly direction towards Guyra Road.

Crews are conducting property protection where it is safe to do so, and liaising with local residents.

Emergency Alert telephone warning messages are being sent to telephones in the area. Be aware that telephone coverage may be affected by the fire activity.

An evacuation centre has been established at the Bundarra School of Arts Hall on Bendemeer Street.

Linton Fire

Deteriorating weather conditions and strong north-westerly winds have seen an increase in fire activity this afternoon.

The fire is moving in a southerly direction and has crossed Warrabah Road.

A number of isolated properties may come under threat, however firefighters are being positioned to protect properties as required.

Essential Energy is working to rectify this.

Crews will be conducting doorknocks in the area and community meeting is scheduled for 6pm at the Public Hall in Kingstown.

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