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Locals are being warned against fake COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates, as scammers run wild.

In NSW, the maximum penalty for providing forged or fake COVID Vaccination cards/immunisation certificates is 100 penalty units - $11,000 and/or six months imprisonment.

This hasn’t deterred scammers and digital forgers, as, according to a report from 9 News, sites can now falsify documents in less than a minute.

According to The Guardian Australia, scammers have gone as far as to even advertise their fake certificates.

One particular page on Instagram titled "fake_cardau" offered a fake card which can be loaded into your phone's digital wallet, seemingly identical to the real deal.

Dr Andrew Rochford has been a telehealth mainstay of Australian living rooms since 2004, appearing on numerous shows across numerous networks. He is currently the weekly medical expert for Studio 10.

Doctor Rochford is now turning his sights on warning regional Aussies against scammers peddling forged vaccine certificates.

Joining forces with the Australian Digital Health Agency, they urge Australians to get vaccinated and seek genuine vaccination proof, via Service NSW.

“…people need to be wary; you don’t need to pay for your vaccine certificate, your vaccine certificate is automatically generated” Dr Rochford said.

“It is uploaded into your MyHealth records, so you can access it without having to pay for it and you should be suspicious of anyone trying to sell you these certificates” he added.

The state welcomed an easing of restrictions on December 15th, however in the wake of a COVID outbreak in Newcastle, with cases exceeding 3,000 on the 21st of December, the

State Government is facing renewed pressure to reinstate mask and QR code restrictions.

The proof of vaccination is no longer be required under the Public Health Order, however, businesses can still reserve the right sight vaccination statuses upon entry, as per the roadmap.

Written by Chris Kaloustian