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East Tamworth fire under control, likely sparked by back burning

Smoke rises into the air from East Tamworth grass fire, Photo - Tommy Allen

A 2-hectare grass fire was likely sparked by bushfire mitigation crews backburning on Valley Dr East Tamworth earlier this morning.

The fire ran up the hill however never threatened any life or property said NSW Fire and Rescue Superintendant Tom Copper.

Tamworth Rural Fire Service was on the scene before 11:30 am when the fire started and crews from South Tamworth and East Tamworth Fire and Rescue joined shortly after.

Smoke billowing from the hillside was visible from Tamworth CBD, however, Superintendant Cooper said residents have nothing to worry about because it is all under control.

Fire and Rescue crews left the scene by 1 pm and the Rural Fire Service remains to ensure all hot spots are thoroughly out.

The Rural Fire Service's Fires Near Me application can be downloaded on any smartphone and gives up to date notification d warnings for fires in your area.

The app has today started using the new National Emergency Code with yellow-orange and red coding.

You can download and view the app here.


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