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Door opens to a new home with local man's $147,000 win

A man's dream of owning his own home has now become a reality after winning a Keno 9 Spot prize of more than $147,000 on the weekend.

The Wee Waa player held a Keno 9 Spot winning entry in game 120 on March 7and takes home $147,817.40.

Confirming his win with an official this morning, the man explained he was having a cup of coffee when he saw his win flash across the screen in the hotel.

"I'd just gone in for a cup of coffee and decided to try my luck and play some Keno," he explained.

"The numbers I use are special to me, and I have been playing them for years and years.

"I was actually watching the draw, so I saw my win come up on the screen. I honestly couldn't believe it! I was gobsmacked."

When asked how he planned to enjoy his prize, the man said the win meant one of his dreams would finally become a reality.

"I am going to buy a home," he said.

"I never thought it would be a possibility. I have already been to the real estate agent, and I have a few inspections I want to go to."

The winning entry was purchased at Imperial Hotel in Wee Waa.

Imperial Hotel owner Luke Noble said the venue was celebrating making one of their customers a winner.

"It was great to have a big win at the venue," he said.

"Just the other day we were saying how we couldn't wait to have a major win soon," he said.

"It has created a real buzz in the venue. We wish our winner all the very best with his prize."


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