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Council tackles million-dollar damage following storms

Following the severe storm events that struck the Liverpool Plains Shire in late January and early February, the council faced a damages bill more than $1 million.

The infrastructure that required fixing was extensive. A LPSC representative said they set out to prioritise the work and to tackle it on a priority basis with safety and access a key consideration.

To date, all emergency access works have been completed.

Larger works, such as guardrail replacement and damage to gravel roads are now being programmed into the maintenance cycle and undertaken as crews are available and undertaking normal road network maintenance.

Some of the major works of note undertaken to date include the removal of silt and debris from causeways over several events on Black Gully Road and the reinstatement of causeway gravel approached on Woodton Road.

Other sites that are about to receive remedial works include clearing blocked culverts at Werris Creek Road.


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