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Confirmation for boarding school students, but it comes with a catch

NSW and ACT families will be pleased they can have their families together over the school holiday period with a special exemption coming from the QLD government.

Students who attend boarding schools in Queensland will be exempt from two weeks quarantine if they consent to a COVID-19 test on their return.

Border restrictions have been causing stress and anxiety for parents and students who attend interstate boarding schools and inconsistent messaging has been floating around for several weeks.

A spokesperson for QLD Health said, "The change allows students to quarantine on their parents’ remote properties and return to school. Students will not be able to leave those properties."

The change made on Tuesday 8th September will come as a relief for many but doesn't come without a catch.

Boarding students and their parents must live within local government areas that do not have any active COVID-19 cases and cannot leave the property during their stay.

The exemption is only for people who live on 'properties' and not 'built-up areas' leaving some ambiguity in the latest message.

Students accompanied by adults must travel by road and travel directly from their property to the school.

Any students travelling by air will not be exempt from the two-week quarantine on arrival in Queensland and must be isolated from other students at either a hotel with a parent or guardian or at their school if there is enough space.

QLD based students who board at NSW schools are still waiting for a decision to be made.

A spokesperson from QLD Health said, "For students who are Queensland-based, who attend NSW boarding schools, we are currently reviewing quarantine arrangements."

"We do however continue to be concerned with COVID-19 outbreaks at NSW boarding schools – including one only this week – which will be discussed as part of any review.  Potential testing regimes are also being considered."


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