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'Chalk and Talk' to boost Tamworth's spirits during social distancing

In the coming weeks, one local group will be organising events to encourage interactions while social distancing to keep Tamworth's spirits alive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Social media group Tamworth True has organised its first event, Chalk and Talk, for this weekend.

Local mum and artist Joanne Stead said they invite anyone worldwide to grab some chalk and start drawing on any surface they can find close by - such as their driveway.

"We can brighten up our streets, enjoy the outdoors and socialise while sticking to the rules of distancing," she said.

"We are thinking bright rainbows and positive messages and we are hoping to get a movement out of it.

"We will ask everyone to post their creations to the event or to their own social media."

Ms Stead said it is all about spreading cheer during a time of high anxiety.

She added it is also a great way for parents to keep their children entertained, especially with all the usual options closed temporarily.

"It's a way for us to connect with others," she said.

"It will be the first of many events that we will organise over the coming weeks."

For more information on Tamworth True, click here. For more information on Chalk and Talk, click here.


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